Lahontan Valley Meats Building

Our History

Family owned since 1963, Lahontan Valley Meats is the "Home of the Natural Grass & Grain Fed Beef.

It was 1963 when my grandfather Louis and my father Lawrence decided to open Lahontan Valley Meats. My grandfather Louis Mori had spent all of his life farming his place on the Carson River. He grew everything from alfalfa to cantaloupe.

Louis and his son Lawrence also fed all of their own cattle. What made these cattle so special was that they were fed with all natural alfalfa that they grew themselves. They began processing occasional beef for themselves when they realized there was beginning to be a big demand in Churchill County, as well as all of Nevada for these types of services. People loved the fact that they could come out and pick out their own cow for their family freezer. They liked that they could come to the facility and watch their beef be processed; something we still offer today.

Fifty-three years and three generations later, LVM (Lahontan Valley Meats) is still open with two locations to provide their customers with the highest quality of natural fed Nevada beef as well as a full USDA processing and harvesting facility.