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Natural Grass & Grain Fed Meat

Enjoy the flavor of Nevada’s finest quality Natural Fed Beef, Pork and Lamb

All Natural Alfalfa Fed Black Angus Beef

No Grain, No Growth Hormones and No Antibiotics! Peraldo Brothers Beef now available in meat bundles, half or whole beef. Contact us now for more information!


Now available at our York Lane Location!

Our York Lane location in Fallon, NV now offers our customers a FULL USDA processing and harvesting facility where you can watch the processing of your beef.


Our retail offerings include high quality natural fed Nevada beef. Get our 35lb "BBQ Beef Pack"" and savor the taste of our Natural Grass and Grain Fed Beef.


We provide custom harvesting and processing with many options including for single wrap, double wrap and vacuum pack. Don't have your own animal? We also provide a variety of options for purchasing your meat directly from us.


Get a sampling of our tasty pork in our 65lb Beef/Pork "Family Pack"! We also have the option for individual cuts such as bacon or pork roast, or you can buy the whole pig! USDA harvesting only.

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